"Susan Nigro is a veritable Paganini of the contrabassoon...the instrument sings like a basso profundo and is allowed to be amorous, graceful, classical, and even a little noble."
Raymond Tuttle - Fanfare Magazine, recordings reviewer

"I am simply flabbergasted by the beauty of Susan's playing."
Sol Schoenbach - retired bassoonist, Philadelphia Orchestra

"Susan Nigro's musicality simply glows...she has found a way to overcome the 'lumbering elephant' reputation of the contrabassoon and make it obey her every command...a worthy musical experience...Susan Nigro is single-handedly creating a complete repertory for the contrabassoon - one that not only supplies players with recital material, but also contributes to the enrichment of new music generally...she is the world's best exponent of the monstrous contrabassoon and tames the beast with no fear at all, having it sing and swoon."
Ritter - American Record Guide, new releases reviewer

"Susan has a formidable technique."
Graham Powning - composer, Australia

"Chicago-based contrabassoonist Susan Nigro reveals the lyrical possibilities of this unwieldy instrument...and playing of exceptional delicacy...offering Nigro a chance to show off her amazing dexterity...it's really Nigro's artistry that's on display...and Nigro effortlessly negotiates the melodic twists and turns."
Andrew Farach-Colton - Barnes and Noble, music reviewer

"Susan's unique dedication with an 'unsoloistic' instrument reminds me of the great Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia...perhaps, in her own special way, she is for her instrument what Segovia was for his instrument."
Larry Singer - composer, U.S.A.

"Susan has done wonders for the contra bassoon in the U.S."
Russell Hinkle - director, Northern Hills Bassoon Ensemble

"This is fantastic contrabassoon playing...Ms. Nigro has technique to spare...The most striking thing is the wonderful warm full tone she gets out of the instrument in all pitch ranges - quite an achievement in itself. The playing is also beautifully and musically phrased."
Francis Firth & Grant Green - www.contrabass.com, website discography pages

"Susan is doing remarkable things with the contrabassoon...we applaud her efforts and achievements."
Matthew Aredizzone - executive director, Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates

"Susan Nigro's beautiful album sees it (the contrabassoon) as an absolute protagonist...and is able to make it into a palpitating, living thing - more than other instruments...thanks to Susan Nigro for giving the big bassoon breath, soul, fingers and emotions."
Giovanni Pietro Scazzola - Il Bifolko, RadioGold (Italy)

"I really regard Susan Nigro as a top player."
Gunther Schuller - composer, conductor

"Susan gives a sparkling and rich-sounding performance...making it all sound 'so easy'...she seems to be able to find the greatest lyricism possible...which makes the contra less of a 'beast' and more of a logical extension downward of the beauty of the bassoon...this contrabassoon virtuoso has done much to increase both the literature and popularity of her beloved instrument."
Ronald Klimko - International Double Reed Society, CD reviewer

"Susan Nigro's sound all-around is the best I have yet heard...she must be the best contra player in the world."
Val Kennedy - retired contrabassoonist, London Philharmonic Orchestra

"What Susan and her instrument offer is a delight to the ear."
Gary Karr - double bass, soloist/recitalist

"Sue is really remarkable, and what she has done for the contrabassoon deserves a Nobel Prize and an Olympic Medal."
Ian Warman - bassoon instructor, Valparaiso University

"From the magazine 'Fanfare', Susan Nigro is praised as the 'Paganini of the Contrabassoon'.  It is right that she has these affirmations of praise.  It is certainly not everyday that you will hear...the beautiful side of this instrument, an instrument that is otherwise ridiculed in the orchestra."
B.H. - CD reviewer, IGEB (Germany)

"To Susan:  In recognition of your outstanding achievement in the field of music, Francis Coppola Presents would like to congratulate you...You are an inspiration to the global community."
Francis Coppola, proprietor / Erle Martin, president

"Thanks again to Susan for performing with us...I've heard nothing but raves."
Lawrence Rapchak - conductor, Northbrook Symphony Orchestra

"Susan Nigro has established a rare career on this characterful device (the contrabassoon)...Let's hear it for interesting people...Nigro's verve and virtuosity bring an irresistable charm and interest to...the music...this is a highly engaging venture."
Peter Burwasser - Fanfare Magazine, recordings reviewer

"The contrabassoon as a unique musical idiom becomes a rare musical experience of artistic viability in the hands of virtuoso Susan Nigro."
Dieter Kober - conductor, Chicago Chamber Orchestra

"Susan is a sensitive virtuoso, and this breed is hard to come by."
John Bavicchi - composer, teacher

"Susan has single-handedly built an impressive collection of legitimate contrabassoon solo works...she has made a valuable contribution to the music world, one that will last forever...the art of the contrabassoon performance will be elevated by her dedication and artistry for many years to come...Susan has a beautiful singing quality on the instrument...she is the number one Contra Bassoonist in the world."
Burl Lane - contrabassoonist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"Susan's sound is really beautiful...I'm totally blown away...She is amazing...No one has done more for the contrabassoon than her."
Juan DeGomar - contrabassoonist, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

"I am very privileged to have had Sue commission three pieces from me...her artistry doth inspire indeed."
P. Kellach Waddle - composer, conductor

"Susan is a wizard on the contrabassoon...her performance is outstanding...her sound is velvety, even, technicaly brilliant, and naturally musical...I admire her work...What a fabulous ambassador for the instrument she is....!."
Belinda Edwards - Australasian Double Reed Society, contrabassoonist

"I really like the way Susan plays my music...she should be very proud of this accomplishment. It is spectacular."
Barton Cummings - composer, tubist

"Sue Nigro is the best contrabassoonist anywhere."
Dianne Ryan - bassoonist, New Philharmonic of DuPage

"Susan's versatility on the contrabassoon is phenomenal...The most memorable concert of 2003, for me, was one of her contrabassoon recitals...She gave the contrabassoon a personaitly, and by golly, it sang - beautifully...To my appreciation of the double-reed family, I now add the
contrabassoon, thanks to her artistry."
David Stybr - coordinator, Mensa Classical Music Group

"Each CD keeps getting better and better...I'd like to give Susan my review with a rating of 4 Stars!!!!"
Carol Hopwood - bassoonist, LakeShore Symphony Orchestra

"It is amazing how much Susan has done for the Contrabassoon world."
Robert Roennes - bassoonist/contrabassoonist, Norway

"Sue is much more than 'a musician'.  She is considered to be the 'world's premier contrabassoon soloist'."
Katie - Colloquy High IQ Society

"I am a great fan of Sue's...her sound is a dream!...Over and over again, she is proving that a contrabassoon can...sound so noble."
Barbara Ann Schmutzler - contrabassoonist, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

"Susan's personal legacy for the contrabassoon literature has been tremendous."
Ruth Laudenslager - Laudenslager Music Productions